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James Hunt

Episode 9: You Say Key, I Say Quay!

Today, Brian and James discuss Docker registries. I mean, you have to put all those Docker images somewhere, right? Why not DockerHub? Or Turns out there's a whole host of other options, some paid, some private, and we're going to hit them all.

Episode 8: It’s Log! Log!

Continuing (a bit) from where we left off last episode, in this episode of Rent Buy Build, we tackle logging! When you should do it, whether you should do it, and how you should do it.

Episode 7 – Distributed Monitoring, Everywhere

We're back on the Observability bandwagon, this time to talk about Distributed Monitoring! Ever wanted a globally distributed, outside-in view of your application's latency and response time, but didn't know if such a thing was available for purchase, rental, or assembly? You're in luck...

Episode 2 – Alll The Stuff Underneath

It’s episode 2 of the Rent, Buy, Build Cloud Native podcast.  This time, we’re talking about infrastructure, all the bits and pieces that make your Cloud Native platforms actually go. James Hunt Welcome to Rent, Buy, Build. I’m James Hunt.…

Episode 1 – Containers, Containers Everywhere!

In this, our first real episode of the Rent, Buy, Build Cloud-Native podcast, James and Brian discuss Docker, containerization, and what options are available under SaaS, licensed, and DIY models for container execution and container runtimes. Episode Transcript James Hunt…

Rent, Buy, or Build Cloud-Native?

In today’s age of rapid technical evolution there is a never-ending abundance of code, “Solved” problems, and hacks. With this in mind, can novel code be written without it already existing? Today most technologists don’t focus on writing novel code…