Episode 13: ECS – A Tale of Dos Equis

As we settle into with a nice tall glass of Amazonian Kool-Aid, we're going to talk about ECS - the Amazon Elastic Container Service. How can you run containers without a lot of fuss? ECS! We'll also touch on some EKS, mostly because Brian keeps bringing it up and spoiling episode 14.

Episode 12: My Friend, the Twitter Bot

I'd like to introduce you to a friend of mine, the Birthday NOC bot on Twitter. In the interest of not insulting the intelligence of our listeners, we're going to build a semi-complicated application that does something tangible, and then deploy that on all the different clouds.

Episode 11: Methinks Thou Dost Rent Too Much?

We’re baaaaaaaaack!  After a short hiatus, Brian and James return to the airwaves (or your airpods) to talk about changing directions, the reality (or lack thereof) of Hybrid / Multi-Cloud, and a renewed commitment to RBB listeners and their favorite‚Ķ

The Next Big Thing

You may have noticed that the podcast has gone a bit silent over the last few weeks. There's a reason for that, I promise. Brian and I have been wondering, off-air, why we keep finding ourselves recommending "rental" more and more. It's all become a bit of rote - so we're shifting focus and re-targeting.

Episode 10: A Time To Scan

Security! It's on everyone's mind (or at least it should be), and nowhere is that truer than in the containers space. In this episode, Brian and James discuss image scanning, security postures, and we take bit of a detour through security theater to screen Fast & Furious 6: Container Drift.

Episode 9: You Say Key, I Say Quay!

Today, Brian and James discuss Docker registries. I mean, you have to put all those Docker images somewhere, right? Why not DockerHub? Or Quay.io? Turns out there's a whole host of other options, some paid, some private, and we're going to hit them all.

Episode 8: It’s Log! Log!

Continuing (a bit) from where we left off last episode, in this episode of Rent Buy Build, we tackle logging! When you should do it, whether you should do it, and how you should do it.

Episode 7 – Distributed Monitoring, Everywhere

We're back on the Observability bandwagon, this time to talk about Distributed Monitoring! Ever wanted a globally distributed, outside-in view of your application's latency and response time, but didn't know if such a thing was available for purchase, rental, or assembly? You're in luck...